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Smoke from cement factory leaves toddlers gasping for air in Howrah

Breathlessness, skin allergy and eye infections is all too common for villagers in Dhulagarh in Bengal’s Howrah district 

Delhi air in trouble again: Should farm fires be in focus

Satellite images show fire spots in severa places in Punjab, Haryana

Long-term NO2 exposure affects lung function: Study

A study carried out for five years in a residential area of Mysuru found sustained exposure …

Nitrogen pollution limits safe margin for other environmental issues, say scientists

Fertilizers are among a predominant source of nitrous oxide and ammonia pollution, say …


Delayed by design

Delayed by design

Retrofitting India's coal-based power plants as per the new standards that will be in force from 2017 remains an uphill task

Climate Emergency CoP 25: EU not on track to meet its Paris commitments

Climate Emergency CoP 25: EU not on track to meet its Paris commitments

A significant proportion of the continent’s emissions reduction has been driven by outsourcing and other extraneous factors

Wah Taj! Really?

Wah Taj! Really?

While the SC expends its energy on shouting at the authorities to save the Taj Mahal, let’s look at the 17th century mausoleum’s sad state of affairs

Dirty air dooms Indians to early death

Dirty air dooms Indians to early death

New analysis of global burden of diseases shows very high rate of increase in early deaths from particulate and ozone pollution. Over a quarter of global deaths from air pollution occurs in India.


Lucas di Grassi is a Formula E Racing winner

Manu Sharma, general manager of Hero Electric and director of corporate affairs, Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles

Pawan Gupta, Lead ARSET Air Quality Team and Research Scientist, Universities Space Research Association at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, …